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Misting systems and supplies priced for the average Joe

Misting System E-course now available!

This E-course covers everything! (There are currently 58 topics and more info is added as I write this!)
The price will just have to be increased soon! This thing has turned into an information monster!

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

1) What is a misting system
2) 10 reasons you should own a misting system
3) Why a misting system is important when rooting softwood cuttings
4) Types of propagation beds
5) Rooting media
6) Do you have enough water for your system?
7) Can you use softened water for misting?
a) 11 reasons NOT to use softened water
8) Can you use rainbarrels to provide the water?
9) What parts are needed for a misting system?
a) Tools required
b) Misting timers
i) Mechanical
(1) Wiring the timers
ii) Electronic
(1) Electric timer
(2) Battery timers
c) Solenoid valves

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