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Misting Timer Programming Instructions


If you are ordering a propagation timer or a misting system, a set of these instructions will be available for download after payment so there is no need to purchase them here.

Due to the significant increase in the number of requests to talk customers and non-customers through the programming of the DIG 5006-IP, DIG 510 and DIG 710.075P misting timers, I am offering these very detailed and extremely easy programming instructions for download.

These instructions will walk you step by step through the programming process. Below is an excerpt from the instructions so you can see the kind of detail you will get with this download.

These instructions assume you are programming for xx seconds every 10 minutes. Adjust these times as needed.

If you have installed the battery/batteries, first pull the battery/batteries for AT LEAST 30 seconds. It is better if it is longer because if you don’t wait the full 30 seconds then put the batteries back in, you need to wait another full 30 seconds. Also unplug if the timer uses electricity.

Install the battery/batteries in the controller by removing the cover by turning it to the left (counterclockwise). Before you begin programming the controller, read the instructions that came with the controller to familiarize yourself with the buttons on the front of the unit, and their functions.

If you have lost the instructions, here is the layout of the buttons:

Looking at the face of the timer, you will see a time (12:00) and an arrow under a day of the week at the top of the screen. Use the far right button (arrow) to make the 12 blink, and use the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to change it to the current hour, being conscious of the AM and PM. When you have set the hour, use the arrow button to make the minutes blink, and make any needed changes. Next, press the arrow button again to make the arrow under the days of the week to blink. Use the + or – button to move the arrow under the correct day.

Be sure to get your copy of these programming instructions for your misting timer and Make It Spray Today™!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD! Available as PDF, Word 97-2003, or Zip file as soon as your payment is made!

Once your payment is made, the download link will be immediately provided to you on the Checkout Success page. If paying by Check or Money Order, the link will present itself after payment has been received.

You can also log into your account using your email address and password you used when you placed the order and once logged in, go to "My Account" and click the button that says "View", located under "Previous Orders". You will see a button that say "Download". Click it to download your instructions.

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